Saturday, 19 July 2014

I Live by the Sea

I live in a seaside resort that is the holiday destination for many families. We have many attractions and if the weather is good the best of these is a long sandy beach. But the holiday season is extremely short which makes it tough on local businesses.
Many all year round new ideas have been thought about and then come to nothing. I remember a casino and a marina; there was the idea of trips by boat or hovercraft over the Wash to Hunstanton which is on the Norfolk cost and can be seen on a nice clear day.
The latest idea is an aquarium which sounds like a very good idea; it would be in keeping with the surrounding area and a big attraction when the weather is at its usual English best. Let’s hope the local planners jump at it. We may even attract other people to invest in our Seaside and bring it screaming into the 21st century.
We can live in hopes

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Parky Came Too

The short break I have just been on started out fine. On the first day I had been for a walk to buy the shampoo I had forgotten to take with me, and then spent the evening dancing until no one was left on the floor.
The next morning I awoke with a gurgling tummy and cramping pains, this led to a bit of time on the loo. I could cope with that but boy did Parky step in, my medication must have gone through me which was an open invitation to him. He really took control, locked my neck, stopped me from dancing and was his usual pain in the bum.
I have been doing so well that it comes as quite a shock when he’s back. I was timing out before it was time for my next pill, that was four days ago and I’m still under his control. If he thinks that’s how it will remain he is so wrong he may have won a battle but the war isn’t over yet.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Outing with Granddaughter

Today I have been to the Lincolnshire show and taken my eldest granddaughter, being as she had finished her exams and didn’t have to go into school. So it was she and me day.
We were out early and made it to the show ground not long after eight, I have never been there that early before and it was well worth the effort.
The show lasts for two days once a year, what must have started out as a livestock show now has everything you can think off.
We had to leave early but managed about seven hours and covered about a third maybe less of the site. By the time we left it was difficult to get around as there were so many people milling about. So that early start had enabled us to see thing that we would have had trouble seeing later.
The last few hours were spent at the small ring that had things like the police dogs and two girls dancing on the backs of horses. There was a man with the ferrets, and the guy who had vultures and eagle owls. We also saw a demonstration of chainsaws being used to carve birds and mushrooms out of big chunks of wood. I must say it was very impressive.
While all this was going on the Red Arrows were practicing in the sky above us, magic.  
I have had a wonderful day out with my granddaughter, and am delighted to say no Parky. I drove us both ways and never gave it much of a thought, so I am really happy about that.

Monday, 16 June 2014

I Have Been Lax

I have been so lax with “My Mate Parky” and that’s probably because everything seems to be going fine.
I now concisely avoid stressful situations; I walk away, so if I upset anyone by doing this well that’s what is called self-preservation.
Perhaps it has been the years of worrying about everyone else that has allowed Parky to come into my life, could stress be the channel he uses to find his way in. It would be interesting to know if Parky people have been more inclined to react to stress.
I went to a Parkinson’s UK meeting in Loughborough which I felt was very informative. I was also very pleased to hear that they wanted our input that’s us the volunteers.
It was very good to hear what other groups do, not only to raise money but also for their members, I couldn't help looking at the gentleman who’s from a group about 30 miles away from me. We agreed it would be great if we only had the same amount of professionals working in our area. We are still short of a nurse and I can’t see us getting one. It seems that a new support worker has been taken on so that’s one step in the right direction.

I have been on holiday, what is new about that I hear you say? I did some archery and some shooting, it was great fun I really enjoyed it. Didn't do too bad for a beginner. I also went on one of those Segway ride on things (I want one). I could zip round and leave the people on mobility scooters standing, mind you it would be no good for shopping nowhere to hang a bag.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Fight is on Again

It has been pointed out to me that I haven’t written my blog for a while so this one will have to be a bit of catching up.
I have had a week away on the Isle of Wight and managed not to disgrace myself like the last time I was there (read my 999 blog 19/4/2013).
The thing I managed to do this time was to forget one of my tablets. I had put all of them into one of those seven day dispensers so that I knew I had extras in case of an emergency. I went to get the first mornings but realized I had completely missed out one that I take twice a day and it was the same in all the boxes what an Idiot. I really dreaded admitting to my friends what I had done but to be fair they didn't make a fuss but I suspect that they also thought I was perhaps more than an idiot. That meant instead of a trip out I was chasing around to get my prescription sorted, I was a bit worried that it would be impossible for me to get them at such short notice. Thanks again to the lovely people who live on the Island I was once again sorted out.
The week before I had been asked to give a talk on Parkinson’s to the local Hospital Watch and me being me jumped in head first, the fact that it was for the same night was a little off putting so I phoned a friend. Her husband has PD and between us we help run the local support group. When she asked if I needed help I said YES. We made a remarkable team; she started by explaining what PD was, facts and figures and that sort of technical stuff. Then I explained what my life was like living with Parkinson’s, I started to stiffen up a bit which I think brought it home to everyone how difficult things can get. I had made a list which I nearly stuck to so I was very pleased that I had managed. Then it was back to my friend who explained about our lack of a Parkinson’s nurse in the area and the general feeling of being abandoned.
We were asked lots of questions which was very encouraging it meant we hadn't put everyone to sleep. We came away on a high as we felt that we may have managed to reach the right people to get the ball rolling once again in a fight to get our nurse.

So now the fight is on we need a PD Nurse.  

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Shop on Line

I think I am beating my shingles; the intense pain I have been told that I would get seems to be bearable so that’s a few less pills to take.
I had made a graph so as not to confuse myself; of course it doesn’t help if you forget to fill the graph in. WHAT AM I LIKE?
My spots are not as aggressive now, and I didn’t wake up last night to take pain killers as I have been doing up till then.
I’m also dead chuffed with Parky; I honestly thought he would be in his element. I have even cut down on my Stalevo as I felt I had gone back to staying up late and playing games on the computer. Now that the dose has gone down there have even been a few days when I don’t turn my computer on until I want to do things like this. Yesterday I did our local groups newsletter and then turned off the computer
I’m also hoping that my appetite might improve as I often get a good way through the day and realise that not only have I not had breakfast but I have not had lunch.
Yesterday I decided I needed some food in at least if there was plenty about it might jog my memory so I did shopping on line. Looking at my order it seems that I have gone for puddings and cleaning things with some fruit thrown in for good measure. It’s not the same as wondering around the store looking for inspiration and I am wondering if the bananas I have ordered will be how I like them?


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Pills Parky or Shingles

How do I juggle pills when I now have a load more to take, I have Shingles so I came back from the Drs armed with antibiotics and pain killers.
I am a bit confused which can be taken together, do I space them out or take them at the same time as my Parky ones????????????
The Dr was very nice he told me it would get worse before it gets better, lovely just what I wanted to hear.
How long do I keep myself away from anyone who hasn’t had Chicken Pox? If I feel bad now how bad is it going to get? That’s just a few of the thoughts going round in my head.
Then to top it all I missed my grandson’s birthday party today at the chocolate cafĂ©, how bad is that, I’m well miffed.
I had to get a friend to get me some chocolate when she went shopping to try and get over it.

Seems like I had better have an early night, I think I am feeling a little dopey, is that Pills, Parky or Shingles?