Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Stress Free?

I think it is about time I did a bit of updating.
I have been keeping myself away from any stressful places or situations as much as I can.
My motto is chill, and you know what I think it’s working.
I am also having Reflexology, which is absolutely incredible, I felt so relaxed after the first one and my second one is tomorrow so I am looking forward to that.
My wristband is paired up with my phone, not too sure if I am doing ok. What I do know is that I am going to bed a bit earlier as I am still intrigued how it works, how does it know if I am in a deep sleep or a light sleep? Clever thing.
I have also been able to set multi alarms on it so that I can take my pills on time. That’s as long as I have them with me of course, I know it makes a huge difference to me if I GET IT ON TIME.
So with very little stress, reflexology, and my new wrist band I have not had any interference from MY Mate Parky.
I do hope I’m not asking for trouble.  

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Another Gadget

I have invested in a sports band after reading about them on Michel J Fox site. I did my usual trawl through the internet and bought one from amazon. Being a bit silly I expected it in a couple of days but didn’t take into consideration that it was from amazon market place.
It has come all the way from Hong Kong so now I just have to set it up, so no wonder I had to wait.
It has been quite mind blowing setting it up, I now have the alarm set so that it vibrates to let me know I need my pills. It is paired with my phone so I can bring up things like how far I have walked how many calories I have burned.
The main reason I bought it was to track how I sleep, when I wake in a morning I am usually in the same possession I was in when I fell asleep. I want to find out how deep I sleep, not sure what I will do with the information, but waking up with everything aching has become a bit of a pain so to speak.

Thought I had set it up last night but obviously I hadn’t got used to it so tonight I will put it to the test

Saturday, 13 September 2014

from Pot to Boot

What an Idiot I am, I somehow missed a step and landed flat on the floor. Well not quite flat as I managed to hurt my left foot graze the knee. My palms also have graze marks and to top that off so to speak I have a graze on my face. The thing that hurts most is my dignity.
How could I miss a step, I bet it was Parky?
My big brother took me to the hospital where after the usual long wait I ended up with a pot on my left foot. Next day my daughter took me to the fracture clinic where the pot was replaced with a boot, so I look like I’m wearing a moon boot.
I asked the guy who fitted the boot would I be able to drive with it on as I have an automatic car. He said the best thing was to ring My Insurance Company.
When I got home that’s what I did to be informed that it was up to a Dr to say if I was fit to drive.
The next thing I did was phone my Doctors surgery to be told as they hadn’t seen me I had better get in touch with the hospital.
So I rang the hospital but as it was Friday there was no one there to help me.

Oh well I suppose that means I will have to be good and rest.
 from this

to this

Monday, 8 September 2014

Can't Blame Parky

Well I have ended up doing what I had managed to evade for seven years.
I have a Toyota Yaris with the smart unlock on it, as long as the key is in my pocket or handbag I can put my hand on the door handle and the door opens. I can then start it by pressing a button.
Many times I have taken my handbag to the car to see if the door opens instead of looking through all the compartments. If I go to the car to move it I tend to put the key in my pocket and there is where it was when I washed my trousers. I think I have known that eventually this would happen and am amazed that I have not done it before.
When I opened the washing machine door and saw it in among my cloths I thought it would be well and truly dead.  So I was well impressed when I tried it and it worked. The leather fob didn’t do the washing a lot of good but at least I had used a cool wash.
I wonder if they test keys in washing machines for idiots like me?

The thing is that although I blame most things on Parky I think this is probably all down to me. 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Yes or No to new Gadget?

A gadget that would monitor your Parkinson’s now that is well worth looking at.
Michael J Fox is looking at the possibility that smart phones or exercise bands could be used to collect data about your movements. That’s used alongside medication information, such as have you taken it and what time. It could be used by the Doctors to see how your medication is working and if the information is sent direct to him then there is no reason to worry when your pills are changed.
I’m thinking great where can I get a monitor and how do I get started, then I think hang on a minuet, who is going to collate all this information?
We definitely have a shortage of Doctors in this area, seem like Sunny Skeggy is not every ones idea of a place to live and work.
We have thousands of people who come to stay in mobile homes for holidays, many of them however stay in them for the entire time the sites are open, which could be 10 months of the year.
The emergency services struggle to cope. We have a cottage hospital that from time to time gets threatened with closure and an extremely ageing population.
It’s not just emergency services but the whole infrastructure. Can you imagine how much extra c—p is produced no wonder the aroma from the local sewerage farm leaves a lot to be desired.
I am not against the holiday makers coming in fact without them we would not be a holiday resort.
Somewhere along the line someone (I have no idea who) must see that there is a need to upgrade the basics to cope extra.

So maybe for now I won’t use a smart phone to keep track on myself in case it tells me things I really don’t want to know and then have no one to discuss it with. 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Great Meeting

Well it is the last Friday in the month so it was Parkinson’s get together day. We had a good turnout.
First it was really good to meet our new support worker, I have a feeling that she is going to be a great help to our members, I am impressed.
Then to make things go a little bit better we had a lady from Healthwatch Lincolnshire, this is an independent local organisation giving everyone a chance to “speak up” about their local health and social care services.
Boy had we got a lot to tell her, from the fact that appointments don’t seem to be set up for seeing your consultant to patients not being told that they no longer have a consultant, as he no longer works at the hospital you attend.
 Worry about medication being monitored is a big concern for us all. The cocktail of drugs we are all on makes for a scary time when you get to see a consultant at best every six months.
This is a rural community and whoever we go and see means traveling, so I know it’s an old plea but doesn’t anyone think a Parkinson’s nurse would help to alleviate the problem. Clinics at doctors or small hospitals would help and I’m sure Consultants would cope better with the patients that they need to see.
I see this as a win win situation.

The best benefit of today was that the Parkinson’s Support worker met the Healthwatch worker  so I hope it is a case of WATCH THIS SPACE

Saturday, 16 August 2014

On a Mission

I have just come home after a family holiday at the Italian Lakes. Even if the weather wasn’t always that great we have made the best of it and had a brilliant time.
I even managed to leave Parky behind how good is that, because I was sharing a bed room I had no choice but to go to bed at a sensible time and I have slept longer than I can remember for a long time.
No ending up playing games on the computer, no forgetting tablets because I am wrapped up doing something quite meaningless.
I have taken my pills when the buzzer has gone on my alarm, I have walked miles and been fed regularly. I can’t blame my medication all the time for my bad ways so I am now on a mission.
I am going to try to change my late night habits, no not try I am GOING TO DO IT.

A new way of life starts here